Offer from France to Turkey: Absolutely very important

France took over the presidency of the UN Security Council in September.

France’s Permanent Representative to the UN, de Riviere, whose Presidency of the Security Council also coincides with the meeting of the UN General Assembly, which brings together the world leaders in September, answered the questions of the AA correspondent about the agenda.

Stating that French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to attend the 77th UN General Assembly Meetings this year, de Riviere stated that during the UN Security Council term presidency, they will discuss the Ukraine-Russia War at the level of Foreign Ministers on September 22.

– “I’m afraid the war will continue for a while”

Commenting on the Ukraine-Russia war, French Ambassador de Riviere said:

“I’m afraid the war will continue for a while. I don’t think there will be a ceasefire anytime soon. I honestly doubt that Ukraine will be able to reclaim the lost territory. They are trying to prevent Russia from advancing. I don’t think they can get the Russians out of Donbas and Crimea. This is unrealistic. . We’ll wait and see.”


Stating that they will continue to support Ukraine and that they want Ukraine to be in a good position in negotiations with Russia, de Riviere made the following assessment regarding Turkey’s mediation efforts:

“We welcome all efforts. We must end this war, the sooner the better. International law, the UN convention must be respected. Let’s be honest after Russia’s actions, it will be a little difficult. We are quite happy with Turkey’s efforts, for peace talks at the beginning.” Although the efforts were not successful because the parties were not at that point. On the one hand, the Russians wanted Ukraine to surrender completely, even though they said they were ready for negotiations, which was unacceptable for Ukraine. On the other hand, even if Ukraine started negotiations, it realized that it could attack Russia later on “Peace talks may not be on the agenda in the coming weeks, but I hope they will be in the coming months and Turkey’s efforts will be critical at this point. Turkey is a neighbor in the Black Sea, a NATO member, its efforts are very beneficial and we are pleased with this situation. France is also interested in the issue. President Macron He is also communicating with the two leaders and will continue to try.”

Commenting on the “highly positive” assessment of the grain agreement signed by Ukraine, Russia, the UN and Turkey in Istanbul on July 22, de Riviere said, “To (UN Secretary-General Antonio) Guterres, (UN Deputy Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and We have to thank Martin Griffiths (Emergency Assistance Coordinator) and President (Recep Tayyip) Erdoğan, (Foreign Minister Mevlüt) Çavuşoğlu for hosting and mediation, and the Turkish military.” said.


Stating that the bilateral relations between France and Turkey have been “somewhat tense” in recent years, there has been improvement in the relations and the cooperation has started again, de Riviere said that France and Europe can cooperate with Turkey on Ukraine as well.

De Riviere said, “(Ukraine) We would be very happy to cooperate with Turkey on this issue because it is absolutely very important.” used the phrase.


De Riviere, who served as France’s chief negotiator during the nuclear talks with Iran in 2015, commented on the negotiations the Joe Biden administration is currently holding with Tehran in Vienna after the former US President Donald Trump administration’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal:

“One of the problems for the last 6 months (negotiations) has been the removal of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (USA) from the terrorist list. There were some ideas for resolving this difference of opinion. I hope to reach an agreement because the nuclear threat from Iran is great and it is absolutely essential for the security of the world. “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was a success. Critics of this deal probably have no knowledge of its content and are ignoring the facts.”

Stating that after the nuclear agreement, Iran’s ballistic missile program, instability in the region and other issues can be discussed separately, de Riviere said, “When we return to the nuclear agreement, we will be in a better position to solve other problems.” said.

Regarding whether Iranian oil and gas can be an alternative to Russia and its impact on global markets, if a nuclear agreement is reached with Iran, Riviere said:

“If the deal is reached and the deal is fully implemented, it means that the US sanctions will be lifted. As in 2015 and Iran can export crude oil and gas and contribute to stability in the markets, and I hope so. Right now we are looking at options like Algeria and Venezuela, but if there is a deal,” he said. Iran can also return to the markets, and of course that needs to be managed with Russia.”


Stating that France is in a better place than Germany in the energy crisis with Russia due to the Ukraine war, de Riviere said, “But we need gas and energy. France and Western Europe may be in a difficult situation at the end of the year. That’s why President Macron was in Algeria a few days ago. went to.” he said.

De Riviere added that the energy issue should be viewed pragmatically and should not be politicized.