Note due to embassy attack from Russia to Canada


Canadalocated in the capital city of Ottawa Russia After the attack on the embassy by an unidentified person or persons, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Alison LeClaire, the Canadian Ambassador to Russia, to the ministry. note gave. In the statement made by the ministry, it was stated that Russia demanded the perpetrators of the attack on the embassy to be found, and after the attack, no effort was made to find the attackers from Canada.

“Decisive protest was reported to Alison LeClaire over the criminal acts of the unidentified person who threw Molotov cocktails on the grounds of the Russian Embassy in Ottawa, and the closing of the entrance to the Russian embassy by an aggressive group despite the police,” the statement said. The attention was drawn to the fact that the Russian Federation did not prevent these events and did not detain the perpetrators, as with similar actions against diplomatic missions in Canada.

“The Russian side requested urgent measures to ensure the appropriate protection of employees and their families, as well as Russian foreign missions, in accordance with the obligations of the Canadian side under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” the statement also said.


Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly’s Spokesperson, Adrien Blanchard, said in a statement that violence and vandalism are unacceptable and that the relevant authorities are investigating the issue, “We know that Canadians are shocked by the latest images from Izyum. That’s why (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. “We will spare no effort to hold and its accomplices accountable for war crimes,” he said.


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