No alliance like this – MEHMET BARLAS

The President, who continues his contacts in New York Erdogan, He delivered important messages to the Americans at dinner on Sunday. To the USA, which supports FETO and the PKK, provokes Greece against Turkey, and criticizes Turkey from Armenia, “Partnership we must act within, such alliance it is not possible” said.
President Erdogan totally right… Why? The US administration is increasing its military investments in Greece, which has replaced Afghanistan. While facilities where commanders can stay are being built in Alexandroupoli, facilities are built on the island of Crete according to F-35 aircraft.
Greek opposition leader Tsipras, “The lack of dialogue with Turkey is very big loss” He criticized the government. Both Greece and Turkey There is a dialogue center that he overlooks. It’s called Istanbul Orthodox Fener Greek patriarch Bartholomew.

Bartholomew, He is the religious leader of the Greeks as well as the Greeks in Turkey. According to historians Bartholomew also the Byzantine emperor.
Turkey, which it holds Bartholomew’If he wants, he can easily arrange a dialogue door to Greece. As will be remembered, the Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis before he came to Turkey Bartholomew’He visited and was in the news. Of course, dialogue is difficult as long as America continues to provoke and arm Greece, but I showed a door that came to my mind.

Farewell to the Queen
Queen Elizabeth’His funeral was bid farewell to his last journey in the presence of guests from various parts of the world. Among the attendees was the President of the United States, as well as the Emperor of Japan. Probably the most magnificent funeral of the century.
There was an incident that did not go unnoticed at the funeral. A development that justifies those who say that history is a huge repetition. The Queen’s grandson Prince Harry, She was ostracized by the royal family for marrying a widowed American. Meghan Markle’was not invited to official invitations, so Prince Harry’It was noteworthy that he sometimes took part in the funeral, sometimes in civilian clothes, sometimes in uniform.
Prince, as it will be remembered Harry’King’s great-uncle Edward, Madame, an American widow Simpson’He had to abdicate the throne because he married her. Edward, wife madame Simpson, Hitler He was exiled to Bermuda in World War II because he was friendly with.
What do you think “In case history repeats itself,” said Harry. they describe, if no lesson was taken would it repeat?” know the string and What if he had learned from his uncle’s mistake? Meghan’would he marry her?