Mustafa Balbay : Visiting operation from USA to Taiwan!

The US’s visit to Taiwan, consisting of senator troops, continues.

While the NATO-Russia war in Ukraine continues, the tension in Far Asia inevitably brings to mind the law of combined containers.

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives for August Nancy PelosiIt started with his visit to Taiwan. The United States knew that China would not remain indifferent to such a visit. It was so. China immediately started military exercises in the strait with Tavyan.

In the USA, this operation will immediately be announced, senator. Ed Markey He responded with a five-member delegation headed by him. After this visit in mid-August, on August 25, the US Commerce and Armed Movements Committee Senator Marsha Blackburn Landed in Taiwan.

This table shows that US delegations will not visit Taiwan sometimes!


In the second half of last week, we chatted with diplomats from the Ankara Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. We talked about all the problems around us, from Ukraine to Syria, but the main topic of the Chinese was naturally Taiwan. They did not seem surprised when the US, which recognizes China’s sovereignty, bombarded Taiwan with visits in August. Let’s share the headlines from our conversation:

– Artificially created after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1946, Taiwan is a part of the mainland from its culture to geography, language to religion.

– The whole world has accepted this, and the United Nations has acted with the principle of the existence of a single Chinese state.

– The USA also adopted this general truth and established its relations with China in line with this principle. This is how we have established our relationship with 181 of the 190 member states of the UN.

– While all these facts are clear, the US’s attempts to escalate the tension in our region show that this country has not abandoned its colonial goals, and that it aims to revive it at every opportunity. The US attitude is to directly interfere in China’s internal affairs.

– If we submit to these ambitions of the USA, the other countries of the world will fall into complete despair and the superpower hegemony of the USA will continue to produce pressure. We believe that we are fighting this fight on behalf of all countries that do not want to accept US impositions.

– Against the superpower hegemony of the USA, we propose to live in peace, especially the One Belt One Road project.

– Solution in Taiwan, just like in Hong Kong “one country, two systems” is the model. This is what will happen in the near future.


When Chinese diplomats start to talk about a subject, they do not move on to a new question without completing their own explanation, even if you ask other questions from time to time. China aims to explain to the whole world the inadmissibility of the US scratching Taiwan against international law despite its promise, without losing its legitimacy.

There is one situation that China has drawn attention to after the war in Ukraine:

One Belt One Road project extending from China to the West has three routes from Asia to Europe. Two of them were passing through northern Turkey and one was passing through Turkey. The lines in the north were interrupted by the Ukrainian war. It is possible that the Turkish leg will be stronger.

The title of this column on August 18 was:

Our neighbor is China!

In the article, we emphasized that Turkey offers the following two principles to related communities outside the country:

1- Comply with the laws of the country you are in.

2- Protect your identity and culture.

Chinese diplomats stated that they also adopted these two principles and added:

“It is our responsibility to protect and develop the Uyghur culture.”

Our relations with China and Beijing’s place in the balance of the world will remove more text…

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