Minimum You Will Get 5000 TL

With the low interest rates to be given by the state for retired citizens, the limits on consumer loans have been determined. In these campaigns initiated for citizens who receive pensions, a loan campaign has started where more than 10 million retirees can be paid an emergency loan of up to 5000 TL whenever they want.

In these loans, which will be paid with government support, the results will be given within 5 minutes to the citizens who comply with the loan conditions, and these approved cash will be deposited in your accounts within the same day, and even used.

For citizens who receive pensions in consumer loans you have received as government-supported, especially those who will use loans up to 50000 TL, loans with 36-month maturity and low interest rates are provided.

Ziraat bank

Citizens who receive pensions through Ziraat Bank, if they want to apply, will be able to quickly perform their transactions through internet banking and use cash loans without going to the branches. Ziraat Bank, if you want to apply for a consumer loan and you want to make your application, it will be enough to get a pension from this bank to get a loan as a government support without going to the branches. You can easily carry out your transactions by going to the nearest Ziraat Bank branch and you can use these approved loans by depositing them into our accounts whenever you want. You can quickly deposit your loan into your accounts within the same day when you apply through Ziraat Bank’s official website.

Vakifbank and Halkbank

Citizens who receive pensions through Halkbank and Vakıfbank will be able to make their transactions whenever they want, without going to bank branches, and can use loans whenever they want. Citizens who receive pensions through Halkbank Vakıfbank can apply for a 36-month general purpose loan of up to 50000 TL with a 90-day deferral, and they can benefit from the government-supported loan campaigns for meals by taking advantage of the lowest interest rates.