Mind-blowing incident in India: They beat their low grade teachers and tied them to a tree

Creation Date: September 02, 2022 07:33

Students of a boarding school in Jharkhand state of India first beat 2 teachers and 1 officer on the grounds that they gave low grades, then tied them to a tree. At that time, the cameras were recording.


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The footage shot at a boarding school in the Dumka region of the country’s Jharkhand state made everyone who watched it say ‘give up on this much’.

According to the news in The Indian Express newspaper, a group of students studying in this school beat 2 teachers and 1 officer at the school, on the grounds that they gave low grades, and tied them to a tree.

Mind-blowing event in India: They beat their low grade teachers and tied them to a tree

Those moments were recorded second by second with smart phones by other students around.

The images uploaded to the social media became viral in a short time and caused an indignation in the country.

The caste system is a social ladder system created for the social organization of the followers of the Hindu religion. Every Hindu is born into a caste. Caste is a group of people who have a special position in society and are separated from other groups due to this position.

Students, on the other hand, claimed that these people cursed and behaved badly because of their caste.


Authorities stated that the investigation into the incident is ongoing and that no arrest warrant has been issued for the time being.

A source speaking to the country’s press stated that the allegations of the two sides were examined in detail and that the decision would be made after the incident was clarified.

The same source said, ‘We do not want the academic life of students to be tainted by a case, and therefore we proceed with due diligence’.

It was underlined that the legal procedure will be initiated after the incident is clarified.


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