Meteor hit Earth! Here are those moments

Our planet Earth is at the target of different celestial bodies every day. Although celestial bodies are in various sizes, they also cause an eerie sight. The last meteor was seen in areas of Scotland and the north of England. Here are the scary images!

Meteor came with the sound of an explosion along with the light

Hundreds of people in England and Scotland faced a frightening sight last night. Many people witnessed this scene where a large meteorite fell to Earth. In addition, according to the sharing of people in Scotland, after the meteor entered the Earth a roaring sound with the light heard.

Videos of the object show a bright object followed by a long tail descending. Moreover UK Meteor Networkabout the celestial body in the sky More than 200 open reports took. However, many cameras also captured these images.

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According to initial reports, the celestial body moved from the southwest over the island of Ireland towards Scotland. Also, some eyewitnesses stated that the object had fallen north of Glasgow, but there was no evidence. Another witness’ statement is as follows:

“Walking through Dunblane around 10pm with my father, I saw it slowly springing up in the night sky. It was a large, flaming green ball with an orange-flaming tail. It was incredible to see. At first we thought it was a crashed plane or helicopter, then we realized it was probably a meteor.”

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