Melek Baykal told about her experiences: I have never seen anything like this!

Melek Baykal’s theater play “Raspberry” Merkezefendi Cultural Centerthe previous evening to perform in Denizliwent to After her plane landed at Çardak Airport with her two actress friends, the artist wanted to use a taxi to go to the city center. However, the taxi driver, who took the luggage, said that he could put Baykal and his two player friends in the car at the airport’s exit, on the grounds that it is forbidden to take passengers inside the airport.

The 68-year-old artist, who had to walk until the exit, recorded his experiences on video and shared them on social media.

Angel Baikal, ‘I have never seen such disgrace’, used the following expressions in his post: “Look, we are walking from the far building. Taxi goes ahead, took your luggage. We are walking. Where has such a thing been seen? He has a patient, a disabled person, a pregnant woman. I have never seen such blasphemy anywhere in the world in my life.”


The taxi driver said that the application originated from the municipality. “This is at best the cunning of an unregistered taxi driver at the airport,” says a gut feeling. That is, the driver, who intervened by welding, executed a 68-year-old player for 400-500 liras.