Maxi Gomez: I preferred Trabzonspor

Center forward Maxi Gomez, transferred by Trabzonspor from Spain’s Valencia team, said that his goal is to participate in the world cup.

Answering the questions of journalists at Mehmet Ali Yılmaz Facilities, Gomez said that his name was mentioned with many teams during the transfer to the burgundy-blue club, and that he was transferred to Trabzonspor, which gave him this opportunity, trusting him at the end of the job.

Asked about what didn’t go well for him in his Spanish career, Gomez said, “I had a career that started well there, but then as the matches come, people expect a striker to score goals unless I can score the goals I want. Of course, people expect a striker to score goals. The number 9 player in my head should score goals, but besides the goals, he will help the team. He should always make sacrifices, fight for the team. That’s how I try to play football. Of course, my first job is to score goals.” gave the answer.

“Torreira and Muslera are very close friends”

Gomez, who stated that he did not have the chance to communicate with other football players playing in Turkey during the transfer process, continued as follows:

“As you know, it was a fast-paced process. I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to many of my friends. Lucas Torreira and Muslera, who play in Galatasaray, are actually very close friends. We usually have the opportunity to talk with Torreira in particular. But my transfer process developed very quickly. In a few days. “It started and ended right away. I didn’t have the opportunity to ask too many questions or get opinions. I came here very quickly. I want to make the best use of this opportunity that Trabzonspor gave me and repay this love.”

Gomez, who stated that they experienced a lot of match traffic in a short period of time after joining the team, said, “The process started to pass very quickly. We played many matches like all our friends before I could fully figure out which and where I came from. But when I came, I knew that I was coming to a great team. In the last home match we won, we saw how much people supported us, did not give up until the last second, and with the goal we scored at the last second.” he said.

“The biggest of my goals is to participate in the world cup”

Pointing out that he knows what level he is at, Gomez emphasized that success will not be easy and that the expectations are high when the champion comes to the team.

Pointing out that he has expectations for himself, Gomez said:

“I have expectations for myself. The biggest of these goals is to achieve success by taking part in the world cup. But I try to look at it step by step. Because at the beginning of the season, I missed 4-5 games in Valencia due to my injury. When I came here later, the champions league qualifiers, the UEFA Europa League And when you look at it, we played important group matches. So I try to go step by step and work well. The biggest of my individual goals is to participate in the world cup.”

“We know how to be successful”

Maxi Gomez stated that although his goal in football is to score goals, the more important thing is to help the team, “Obviously, there was a situation that surprised me when I came here. Because most of the players I saw are very high quality players and footballers playing in the big national teams of the world. To be among these players, to be with them. “Being able to fight makes you very competitive. We know how Trabzonspor is the champion in this league as well. He fought hard, won the championship with the high quality of his players and his great coach. Therefore, we know what I need to do in this league and how we can be successful.” used the phrase.

Gomez, evaluating his teammate Umut Bozok as a ‘great player’, stated that he is a football player who runs and struggles and has a great future.

Reminding that he played as a double striker in all the teams he played before, Gomez said, “If you ask all the strikers in the world, everyone will say that double strikers are more comfortable. Because everyone wants to play with someone next to them. The decision of how many strikers we will play with or what kind of system we will play is always our teacher’s decision. Of course it will.” said.

“Someone who has already gone through the same paths”

Gomez stated that he had an important meeting with Trabzonspor Coach Abdullah Avcı on the first day of his transfer to the team, and continued as follows:

“He described how we played in the first meeting, what he expected me to do or how I could play better. This is a very comforting situation for you as a player. Because the coach of a team calls you and tells you very clearly what you need to do. “He has a background. He has played in similar positions and is able to understand you more clearly. When you look at our system, there is a team that plays attacking and there is a team that uses the striker a lot. This gives you relief and makes you very happy as you know what you need to do as a player.”

Regarding Trabzonspor’s championship celebrations last season, Gomez said, “We want to keep the same thing alive this year. Of course, it is a situation that everyone likes. But we want to keep the same by working with devotion again. You know you will.” made its assessment.