Make sure to stop by the SHOCK market tomorrow! Detergent, diapers, paper towels, toilet paper, eggs are all 40 percent off! October 5 SHOCK catalog price list

There is a huge discount on SHOCK tomorrow! 5 October SOK catalog current products campaign has been announced. Detergent, diapers, paper towels, toilet paper and eggs are on sale this week at ŞOK.

Şok October 5, 2022 The discount campaign of the week has been announced with the current products catalogue. It has been seen that dozens of products will be offered for sale at a discount this week, in the sharing made on the official website of Şok Market and its social media accounts. Şok Market is making discounts in many product groups, especially basic food products this week. Cleaning materials, electrical appliances, sports products, technology products and many other products will be presented to you with the Şok current catalog. So, what’s on Shock this week? What products will come with the 5 October Şok current catalog?

Şok Market weekly discount campaign starts tomorrow. Shock October 5, 2022 The current products catalog and the products that will be on sale at a discount on the Market shelves this week have been published. In the new discount campaign of Şok Market, dozens of products will be offered to consumers with their prices in stages. With the Şok Aktüel October 5, 2022 catalog, the discounted products will include Cleaning Products, electrical household appliances, Personal care products, sports products, technology products and basic food products. So, which products are on sale at Şok this week? What will come this week with the SHOCK catalogue? Shock October 5, 2022 Current product discounts are in our news…


With its branches located in 81 provinces of Turkey, the only address for affordable and quality shopping is Şok Market, once again, this week, they are waiting for you to get a discount on the product. The discounted product opportunities that come with the ŞOK catalog are limited to stocks. The products and prices that will meet you with Şok Current discounts that will start on Wednesday are as follows;

Profilo 6 Drawer Vertical Freezer: 4 thousand 819 TL

Half load function Dishwasher for 14 people: 5 thousand 389 TL

Child lock Altus AL 91 YB Tumble Dryer: 6 thousand 099 TL

Kiwi Oil Free Fryer: 999 TL

Colorado Thermos with Digital Display: 119.90 TL

Mikado Max Black Speaker in SHOCK: 2 thousand 199 TL

Intelligent Food Container with eIutron Camera and Audio Wifi Support: thousand 999 TL

Asus Fiber Supported Modem: 479 TL

Havit Prime Opal HD Projector: Thousand 799 TL

Fat Scale Smart Bluetooth Scale: 299 TL

Neutron Smart Baby Monitoring IP Camera is in SHOCK: 749 Turkish Liras


With the 5 October Şok current Wednesday catalogue, there is a big discount on sports and sports products this week. The products that follow Şok Market’s discount campaign are as follows;

Range Sportsman Blender: 419.90 Turkish Liras

Mikado Led Speaker: 2299 Turkish Lira

Exercise Mat: 69.95 Turkish Lira

Ebru Plates ball: 119,90 Turkish Liras

Barbie Doll: 64.95 Turkish Lira

My Happy Home: 69.95 Turkish Lira

Mintax Bleach: 13.90 Turkish Lira

Mintax Bathroom Cleaner: 13.90 Turkish Lira

Orkid Good Night Pad: 49,90 Turkish Lira

Colgate Toothpaste: 17.90 Turkish Lira

ŞOK catalog discount campaign starts tomorrow. The campaign will be valid for 1 week. If you don’t want to miss it, run to the market immediately.