Mahsa Emini dies in Iran, who fell into a coma after being detained by the morality police

According to the news site ‘’ broadcasting from Iran, Mahsa Emini, who was taken into a coma and hospitalized after being detained by the Irshad Patrol known as the ‘Moral Police’ in Tehran, died on September 13.

The news reported that the news of the death of the young girl was confirmed by her relatives.

The semi-official Fars News Agency also announced that Emini died in the hospital.


In the country’s media, it was reported that Emini fell into a coma after she was detained on 13 September in the capital Tehran by the Irshad Patrol on the grounds that she “did not comply with the headscarf rules”. The event was met with a reaction from the public and some politicians.

In the statement made by the Tehran Police, it was stated that the Irshad Patrol took Emini to the police station for a statement, where she was transferred to the hospital after she suddenly lost consciousness and suffered from a heart disease.

Activists on social media, on the other hand, reject the police’s claim that she lost consciousness ‘suddenly’ and claim that Emini was battered by the police.

Iranian President Ibrahim Reisi also instructed Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi to investigate the incident in all its dimensions.


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