Made an attack on Switzerland: They have sworn to destroy us

As part of his visit to Switzerland, Herzog, who met with Swiss Confederation Minister Ignazio Cassis in the capital city of Bern, made statements after the meeting.

Emphasizing that the Middle East is coming through critical times, Herzog pointed out that the proxy war waged by Iran in the region threatens peace and tranquility.

Herzog said, “I am making a call to all states, and especially to the government of Switzerland, to interfere with Iran’s nuclear program unequivocally. Iran, as a state sworn to destroy Israel, is relentlessly trying to destabilize the region and the world.” made its assessment.

Claiming that the United Nations (UN) remained silent on Iran’s efforts to destroy Israel despite being a structure seeking international peace, Herzog said, “Iran’s attitude cannot be met with silence and Iran’s activities cannot go unpunished. should not be allowed.” said.

Herzog emphasized that the International Atomic Energy Agency, affiliated to the UN, should examine Iran’s nuclear activities independently and impartially.

Within the scope of the meeting, the National Science Board of Switzerland and the Israeli Scientific Board signed an agreement to increase joint scientific studies between the two countries.

Herzog also participated in the 125th anniversary event of the World Zionist Congress held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897.

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