Lucas Torreira tactic in the transfer from Galatasaray! They will say 100 million for the star player: ‘Turns the league upside down’

A second Lucas Torreira operation is coming from Galatasaray… Cimbom, who wants to reinforce his forward zone and puts his eyes on Moussa Dembele, whose contract with Lyon will expire at the end of the season, is getting ready to sign between the half term. Galatasaray managers, who will follow the path they followed in Lucas Torreira for the 26-sided scorer who is in the grip of the giants, will add Dembele to the squad between the half by saying 5 million euros (100 million TL).


After the fight against Keirengc, coach Okan Buruk was asked, “Are you going to transfer forwards?” While the young coach was giving Icardi and Gomis, he said that they could add a reinforcement here at halftime. The name on the agenda of Galatasaray is Moussa Dembele…

The contract of the 26-sided player with Lyon ends at the end of the season.


According to the bloody news in the French press, Lyon is ready to sell Moussa Dembele for 5 million euros.

In order to get the 26 players from Galatasaray, this money was overlooked and it was stated that it was created with giant handles. Premier League handles are also planning to add the successful offensive player to their colors.

It is expected that Galatasaray will put on the stage the same tactic they used when bringing names such as Oliveira, Torreira, Icardi and Mata to the band.


Moussa Dembele played for Fulham U-18, Fulham U-21, Atletico Madrid, Fulham, Celtic and Lyon throughout his career. In total, 337 maa kt. While scoring 151 goals, he served his friends 46 times.