Latest situation in the Ukraine war: Images from Russia… The moment of explosion is on camera!

Creation Date: September 01, 2022 14:49

While the war in Ukraine continued at full speed, Russia was shaken by the image from Belgorod. Residents of the city woke up to the sounds of explosions in the city at night. Ukraine attack came to mind first. The resulting images quickly went viral.


The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from Ukraine for months…

Clashes have intensified in the direction of Kharkiv in recent days. As Ukraine continues its counterattack to retake the city Russia It continues to hit Ukrainian cities with missiles.

Russia targets Ukraine with Iskander missiles BelgorodThere was a flash development.

A series of explosions occurred in the Russian city of Belgorod, 40 kilometers from Ukraine and 80 kilometers from the city of Kharkiv.

According to the news in the British Daily Mail, a Russian missile launched from the border city of Belgorod accidentally fell on Russian soil last night.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>

In the images published on Telegram, it was seen that the Russian missile fell near residential buildings in the city.

It is not known whether there was any loss of life as a result of the accident.

Due to the fact that the city is close to the border and is the main warehouse of Russian ammunition, it frequently comes up with news of attacks.

Latest situation in the Ukraine war: Images from Russia... The moment of the explosion is on camera

In the past months, 3 people died due to explosions in the city.

The governor, who made statements on Telegram, said that at least 11 apartments and 39 houses were damaged, and five houses were completely destroyed.

Two weeks ago, two villages in Belgorod Oblast were evacuated after a massive fire broke out in a weapons storage facility.


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