Last minute… Scandalous image comment in private hospital from Minister Koca: We find it significant


Answering the questions of journalists about the topics on the agenda after the Presidential Cabinet, Koca gave the following messages in summary:


(coronavirus) Covid now passes like the flu, we don’t have to be afraid, but the number of daily cases in Europe and Germany saw 140-150 thousand last week. He saw 60-70 thousand in Spain, Italy, England. We now have 3 thousand. Therefore, after 3-4 weeks, we expect that there will be increases, although not as much. With the full harmony of our citizens, we have become one of the countries that fight the pandemic best in the world. We need to maintain this positive situation. For this reason, let’s get our vaccinations, especially our elders and those in the risk group, and let’s not give any worries.


(The allegations that there is a lack of staff in Etlik City Hospital, and therefore there are too many shifts) Currently, 6 thousand patients are cared for in Etlik City Hospital per day. a new hospital As the number of patients increased, a plan was made to complete the cadres. As you know, nearly eight thousand physicians have applied for public positions. Appointments will be made within two weeks. Our other hospitals, especially our oncology hospital, will not be closed.



(On the question of whether the private hospital, whose activities were stopped last week, could be reopened) The hospital was temporarily closed. First of all, those images are not acceptable. It was the images that hurt the conscience of the society. We took immediate action and appointed inspectors. We expect the investigation to end early. Each of our health facilities are rare institutions that our citizens benefit from. We are trying to complete the investigation as soon as possible so that it can be reopened to service. After the investigation is over, whatever needs to be done will be done.

But we think that it is also meaningful to serve an image that was 9 months ago, almost as if it were taken out of the refrigerator, especially in such a period when the White Reform started, especially physicians and healthcare professionals, they were motivated and service to the patient was gradually normalized. Therefore, it should be known that we are following this as well.



The ministry became aware of the incident on the day the video was released. You know, the sentence “inspectors offer bribes” is skillfully inserted in that video. It is almost trying to imply that “inspectors of the ministry came before”. We think that this phrase was expertly placed. I emphasize again, as our ministry, we heard about the incident on the day the images were published. Prior to this, we did not receive any information about the incident. There is no such thing as the departure of an inspector from the Ministry before. At that time, we understand that the relevant hospital was an assignment related to its internal audit operation. Therefore, it is significant that this belief is skillfully placed and the event that happened 9 months ago is being served as if it was taken out of the refrigerator today, and that it was brought to the agenda at a time when the White Reform, when patient-physician communication increased and normalized, and that we are following the issue closely in this respect. I would like to point out once again.



(The hospital dismissed those responsible in this process and filed a criminal complaint. Despite this, it was decided to close it.)

This incident happened nine months ago, but I told you that we had not received any notification from the hospital about this incident. When the images were published on social media, the Ministry became aware of the issue and we took action immediately. The hospital fires the perpetrators, but doesn’t report it to us. Since the incident was not reported to the Ministry, perhaps these people will continue to commit these crimes in other hospitals. As a ministry, I need to take action regarding this. Therefore, since the Ministry is not notified, the culprit is almost hidden. There is a problem of trust in healthcare. Due to the safety of the investigation and the negligence at this point, we decided to close it temporarily. What should the hospital do? First of all, he should have reported the situation to the ministry. He should have filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office and fired these people. However, nine months later, we hear about it. The hospital states that it has informed the authorities. However, these are not the Ministry of Health, however. The person who recorded the footage is being reported. Those who committed the crime should have been reported to the ministry.



Now the judicial process is working. Our investigation continues. It will be done when it’s done. We closely monitor both the administrative side of the issue and the perception side to be created. Our mission is to provide reliable health services to our people.

We do not allow the climate of service to our citizens created by the White Reform to be undermined, or to intervene between health workers and our citizens. I repeat, I do not believe it is a coincidence that this incident came to the fore nine months later. I would like it to be known that I am following this matter meticulously.”