LAST MINUTE | Queen Elizabeth II of England dies! Who is Queen Elizabeth, how old is she and why did she die?

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom dies at 96

Queen of the United Kingdom II. Elizabeth died in Balmoral Castle, where she was held under medical care.

In a statement made on the royal family’s Twitter account, it was stated that Queen Elizabeth died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

“The Queen died peacefully in Balmoral this afternoon,” the statement said. expression was used.

It was stated that the queen’s body will be taken to the capital, London, tomorrow.

Flags were lowered at half-mast at Buckingham Palace.


Photo: AP

Photo: AP

After the Queen’s death, her son Charles, who took the throne, made his first statement.

King Charles said: “Her Majesty’s beloved mother’s death is a source of great pain to me and to other members of the family. We mourn a cherished and much loved mother. Her loss has been witnessed by countless people throughout Britain and throughout the world. We know it will be felt deeply.

“In this time of mourning and change, my family and I will find solace and survive knowing the respect and love for the Queen.”


Photo: AP

Photo: AP

The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, addressed the nation after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Truss used the following statements:

“Queen Elizabeth II became a symbol of stability, she gave us the strength we needed. The spirit of Great Britain came from her and that spirit will continue. She was the longest reigning man on the throne.

His memories will be with us. Everyone around the world in the UK will remember him well. He has been an important source of inspiration for me and many others. Just this week, he continued to fulfill all his duties and had the grace to appoint me as the 15th Prime Minister in his administration.


Photo: AP

Photo: AP

We will come together with our friends in the difficult days ahead. We are experiencing a great loss today. Queen Elizabeth II left a great legacy and name behind. Our new ruler, King III. Charles. Along with the king’s family, he will mourn his mother’s death. We should support him as a people.

Now our king bears a responsibility for all of us. We will also offer our loyalty to him. He will offer his loyalty to our nation, just as his mother did. We are entering a new era, as His Majesty would have wished. God save the Queen.”


“The queen who has been in office for a very long time. For a very long time, maybe for a century, the queen will not be seen as a monarch, they will see them as a king. We will not see a new queen of England for at least 50-60 years. When his uncle, Edward VII, abdicated, his father came.

All of a sudden she found herself the crown princess. There was no possibility of becoming a queen until the age of 9-10. He was a member of the dynasty. She became a very good queen. They say that he preserved his independence and impartiality. No! They cannot be impartial in any way. The income of the royal family is very high. They receive a small amount of money from the state. He is asked to stay in England. She got her son married and they earned millions of pounds because of tourism.

Today in England, milk and cheese mostly belong to Prince Charles. The origin of the family is German. Beginning with Elizabeth, the family began to become fully English. Elizabeth’s grandmother was a very strong woman. Charles’ children are also English. Queen Elizabeth remained on the throne with great success.”

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