LAST MINUTE NEWS: 20 percent hike in electricity and natural gas

Last minute news! Electricity and natural gas prices were hiked as of September 1, 2022.

In natural gas, tariffs for residential, industrial subscribers and electricity generation, which will be valid in September, have been determined.

There was a 20.4% increase in natural gas used in residences, a 50.8% increase in natural gas used in industry, and a 49.5% increase in natural gas used in electricity generation.


The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) announced that the electricity tariff, which will be valid as of September, has been increased by 20 percent.

In the statement made by EMRA, it was stated that the Russia-Ukraine war, which started at a time when the effects of the epidemic continued to affect the global economies, brought heavy consequences for the entire world energy markets, especially for European countries.


Pointing out that there were extraordinary increases in all raw material prices in this process, which is also interpreted as the “global energy crisis”, the following was noted:

“This situation also negatively affected the energy production costs in our country. Especially in recent months, due to the increase in energy raw material prices in global markets, 20 percent for residential and agricultural activities subscriber groups, and 30 percent for public and private services sector and other subscriber groups in the final electricity tariffs. “A 50 percent increase was made for the industrial subscriber group. With this increase, the amount to be paid for a residential subscriber with 100 kilowatt-hour electricity consumption became 173.46 liras.”

The new tariffs will be effective from 1 September.

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