Last Minute: Kasimpasa – Galatasaray enchanted in the match in 13 minutes! Like Ancelotti… Gomis and Kerem scored but the real heroes are two


In the 6th week of Spor Toto Super League Kasimpasa with Galatasaray shared their trump card. Galatasaray won the match played at Recep Tayyip Erdogan Stadium with a score of 3-2.

Kasimpasa, who took the lead with Bahoken in the 16th minute of the match, responded 4 minutes later. Bafetimbi Gomisand entered the circuit with a score of 1-1. When the minutes show 50 Kerem Akturkoglu came out and put his team ahead when he scored his first goal of the season.

Kerem Aktürkoğlu blew the nets of Kasımpaşa once again in the 69th minute, increasing the difference to 2. Sadık Çiftpınar set the score of the fight with a head shot in the 90th minute: 2-3.

After this result, Galatasaray achieved their second consecutive win and made 13 points. Kasımpaşa had 6 points.



Galatasaray, who scored three goals in a Super League match for the first time this season, also lifted the opponent’s nets three times in a match against Kasımpaşa for the first time since February 2020. On the other hand, Galatasaray met the ball 25 times in the Kasımpaşa penalty area and became the team that reached the highest number of points in the first half of a Super League match this season.


Bafetimbi Gomis, who scored the first goal of Galatasaray in the match, managed to continue the series. Bafetimbi Gomis, who recorded eight of the last 13 goals scored by the yellow-red people in the Super League, was the only player to air the opponent’s nets with a yellow-red jersey this season until Kerem’s goal.


Kerem Aktürkoğlu, who became the focus of criticism in Galatasaray since the beginning of the season and was removed from the game at halftime in the last match, relieved his longing for a goal in the 50th minute against Kasımpaşa. Taking the stage once again only 19 minutes later, Kerem managed to score another goal with his great shot from long distance.

Kerem Aktürkoğlu, who sent two goals to Kasımpaşa nets, Besiktas He doubled in a Super League match for the first time since the derby.


Last Minute: In the match of Kasımpaşa - Galatasaray, he enchanted in 13 minutes like Ancelotti ... Gomis and Kerem scored, but the two of the real heroes


The 19-year-old football player, who was taken by Galatasaray from Rapid Wien, was fascinated with his football in the Kasımpaşa match. Yusuf Demir, who played for Barcelona on loan in the first half of last season, proved to be an extraordinary talent despite only taking 13 minutes in front of Kasımpaşa.

Another event that made the fans happy as much as the 3 points received in the Kasımpaşa match in Galatasaray yesterday and Kerem Aktürkoğlu scoring 2 goals at once was the performance of Yusuf Demir and Milot Rashica, the last players to join the team. One of the most expensive transfers of the season, especially with a transfer fee of 6 million Euros, 19-year-old Yusuf showed that he can be one of the stars of the future.



Yusuf Demir, who had the chance to play in the last 13 minutes of the match, met the ball 16 times, and 13 passes were also found. The young talent, who gave 2 shot passes, entered the goal position once and the ball, which was going to the goal, hit the Kasımpaşa defense and went to the corner. Milot Rashica, who entered the game in the 83rd minute, was as comfortable and effective as if he had been playing for many years, even though he only trained for 2 days with the team, just like Yusuf Demir.


On a question asked at the press conference before the Real Madrid-Mallorca match ancelotti‘s answer is interesting: “The game of possession was a whim. Playing vertically is more efficient. Going to the castle faster is now the new fashion”


I do not believe that there is only one truth in football, what Guardiola did, the venerable, Ancelotti… However, Ancelotti won 6 Champion Clubs’ Cups/Champions League A legendary football player with a medal, an elite coach. If he says something, you don’t take it lightly, you listen. I think Okan BurukAncelotti’s vision is the vision that Galatasaray listens to more.

Last Minute: In the match of Kasımpaşa - Galatasaray, he enchanted in 13 minutes like Ancelotti ... Gomis and Kerem scored, but the two of the real heroes


Galatasaray scored 14 shots against Kasımpaşa in the first half yesterday. He did this by hitting the ball 25 times in the opponent’s penalty area. This number was the highest a team reached in a half in the Super League. And Buruk’s team usually does this by playing directly, going to the goal with 3-4 passes, not 30. Of course, the fact that you have men like Kerem-Yunus jogging together play a role in this. However, another factor should not be overlooked: The midfield has changed in Galatasaray, the game has changed.



Galatasaray’s recent midfield rotations were Taylan, Berkan, Aytaç, Cicaldau, Morutan, Emre. Today, almost none of these names are on the roster. The new ideal trio Torreira-Oliveira-Mertens. More Midtsjö and Mata in the back. Not only the quality but also the dynamism has increased in Galatasaray’s midfield. The mind has also increased. Creativity has also increased. It’s almost like this trio is doing another sport compared to the previous trio! You may have noticed Oliveira’s improvement over the last two weeks:

It goes further. He’s playing around more. It shows more of its class. Torreira’s joining the team is part of the reason he’s been able to bring out this class. Sweeping the back, winning the unclaimed balls, pushing the whole team forward. They put the names of Gomis-Kerem on the sign yesterday, but I think the main heroes of the match were the Torreira-Oliveira duo. We can easily say that the development in Galatasaray has become more evident with the participation of new transfers.


Galatasaray, which literally showed itself on the last day of the transfer, showed one of the most compact footballs of this season in the first half of the match, which its new stars, who were not ready, watched from the stands, showed a superior game in all statistics in the first 45, where it seemed extremely eager and eager, and the opponent Even though he had met the ball 25 times in the penalty area, he could have been defeated in the locker room had it not been for the ball that Gomis created out of nothing with his own struggle and brought it into the nets with Yunus’s assist.


The French, whom we prefer to call an experienced player when he scored and an old star when he missed, carried his team, which was defeated by Bahoken’s head goal in the 16th minute, to the draw and left his signature on 8 of the 11 goals scored since his arrival.

If the football and score in the first half had spread to the whole match, the audience would still have watched a very exciting and lively match and Galatasaray’s set games could be commented on, but at the end of this match, some names would have lost their place in the first 11, perhaps permanently.


Since the same football is interpreted through different parameters when it is a score and different parameters when it does not turn into a score, Kerem’s first goal that put his team ahead with Oliveira’s left diagonal pass at the beginning of the second half, and the second goal, which he sent to the upper right corner from behind the penalty arc at minute 69, would not have scored. He would be one of the most criticized names at the end of the match. However, these two goals made not only the fans filling the stands, but also Harry Potter smiling.

In this season, which started at a very different point than the previous season, Kerem’s face, his face unusually amused, was a bit of a laugh, especially Gomis, with the enthusiasm of all his teammates.


G. Saraylılar was about to say “We watched a comfortable match as of the 6th week of the league”, but they experienced a stressful end of the match with Sadık’s goal in the last minutes of the match, which reduced the difference to one. Although the three points with this win made Okan Buruk happy, the performance of some players has already made the selection of the squad in the next match difficult.


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