Joint air exercise from Belarus and Russia

In the statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, it was stated that the aviation units of the Belarusian and Russian Armed Forces affiliated to the Regional Forces Group (RGV) started a joint tactical flight exercise. The ministry stated that the exercise, which is scheduled to end on February 1, aims to increase operational compatibility in terms of joint performance of combat training missions, adding, “Aerial reconnaissance during the exercises, joint patrols in the airspace along the border, providing air support to unit groups, landing tactical airborne troops. “A wide range of issues are planned to be addressed, such as cargo delivery and evacuation of the air force. All airports, training areas and ranges of the Belarusian Air Force and Air Defense Forces are engaged to ensure the conduct of the exercises,” he said.

Many units from the ground forces participated in the exercise, including the Russian 120th Independent Guards Mechanized Brigade and the Belarusian 11th Independent Mechanized Brigade along with artillery units.


Belarus Pavel Muraveiko, First Deputy Secretary of State of the Security Council, told a television channel that Belarus is ready to stop any provocation and terrorist threat, wherever it comes from. “We are ready to respond to Ukraine’s provocative actions. Actually, our southern border is not very calm at the moment. Nevertheless, we show restraint and patience, as our president demands, we keep the gunpowder dry. It is necessary to respond to any manifestation of aggression or terrorist threat on our territory,” Muraveiko said. We have the forces and the tools. drill It is done for defensive purposes by its nature,” he said.

Last October, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Russia President Vladimir Putin agreed to form a joint regional unity group. Putin visited Minsk last month, the opposition claimed that Russia made the visit to pressure Belarus to enter a direct war against Ukraine. The Kremlin denied these allegations.