Jesus has bigger ‘football’ than you

Lucky Buyuka – Milliyet

There were two images that were particularly surprising in the beginning. First; Fenerbahce’s defense’s incredible mess and kidnapping… Second; Karagümrük’s sprinting game with Borini and Kouassi in front with a brave understanding… Just like “The arrival of Thursday is clear from Wednesday”, in the first ten minutes, Szalai, despite being in very comfortable positions, played three balls in a row against the goalkeeper Altay, in Fenerbahçe’s defense. It was obvious that something strange was going to happen. Let Fenerbahçe lie down and pray to Crespo. He played for at least three men, not a football player. Otherwise, Fenerbahce would not have won this match. Due to the stubbornness of Jorge Jesus, Fenerbahce played almost the entire match with nine players. He made up for the two-man short Crespo. Why did Fenerbahçe play 9 players? Joao Pedro and Emre Mor did not exist at all. This is what will happen if the two men pull a “zero”, if your coach does not persist and play, if he plays almost the entire match; If Fenerbahçe lost points in this match, they would have lost those points before the irrational mistakes of the back four, out of spite of Jorge Jesus. Jesus is a great coach, but there is a bigger “football” than you. Don’t be so stubborn with football…


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