It will no longer be possible to return to that feature! All details explained

Apple warned iPhone users. The steps that people using iPhone should pay attention to are explained one by one. A change was made at the last moment while taking steps to use iOS 16.2. Apple, which stopped the update, stated that it is not technically possible for users to update in official ways. Here are Apple’s curious statements…

An important statement was made that closely concerns Apple users. Apple, which is among the most preferred phone brands all over the world, made remarkable statements about its new update. The iOS 16.1.2 update for Apple phones has been discontinued. The technology giant company took an important step about the new update. Users who made that update were warned one by one. Here are Apple’s curious statements…


In the light of information received from Macrumors, it was stated that Apple, which launched iOS 1602. on December 13, 2022, stopped the agreement. Apple, which was on the agenda with the iOS 16.1.2 update, stated that the agreement was stopped. Stating that it is not technically possible for users who installed the update to return, Apple also emphasized that the decision was not a surprise.

In order for Apple users to keep their operating systems up-to-date, they also stop signing old versions while constantly uploading new versions. In this context, technical solutions are also lacking in the problems that arise.


Within the scope of the statements made by 9to5Mac, it was stated that it is possible to go back to iOS 15 from iOS 16.2 and iOS 16.3 Beta. Within the scope of the statements made, it is stated that there is already a version available for users using iOS 15.7.