It will be removed from the seabed in 2024! Japan announced

It is stated that Japan will start extracting basic elements for electric and hybrid vehicles from the seabed off the coast of Minami-Torishima Island in the Pacific Ocean in 2024, in order to reduce its dependence on China for rare earth metals.

According to the news of Nikkie Asia, Japan will work on developing extraction technologies to reach the rare earth metals found at a depth of 6 thousand meters in the target region from next year.

According to the recently announced National Security Strategy, this step will reduce Japan’s over-reliance on certain countries, which supplies 60 percent of its rare metal needs from China, move forward its semiconductor development-manufacturing bases, and ensure a stable supply for important commodities such as rare earths. will insure.

The Japanese parliament approved the allocation of 6 billion yen ($44 million) to the project in its second supplementary budget for fiscal 2022. The money will be spent on improving the pumps and building 6,000 meters of pipe for trial use.

On the other hand, experts warned that the kuroshio or Japan current, known as one of the fastest sea currents in the world, also covers the target region and there are important technological obstacles in the face of these challenging conditions.

The government announced that 11 special critical materials, including rare earth elements, were identified under the Economic Security Promotion Law, which came into force this year.