It turns its victims into zombies! Think twice before eating that mushroom… The zombie movie has come true

Zombie mushroom, one of the most talked about events of recent days, is on everyone’s lips. This mushroom, which turns its victims into zombies, has alarmed the whole world. The first spores of this fungus enter the body and grow inside. Then these sports begin to take over the mind. It eats away at you until it completely takes over your mind. Zombie movie come true! Stay away from these mushrooms. See what type of fungus turns people into zombies?

alarming the world zombie mushroom is spoken by everyone. This event, which was met with surprise by scientists, continues to leave everyone’s mouth open. This fungus, which first sends its spores to the human body, then grows inside and then tries to take over the mind, is almost a terrible virus. While the latest images have had wide repercussions in the world, work on the mushroom continues. well this mushrooms Does it really turn you into a zombie? Here are the details…


Are zombie movies real? The frightening alarm sounded. This mushroom is terrifying. The sprout, the fruit of the fungus, transfers spores to everything in the environment, turning everyone into zombies. It may be ridiculous or you may not believe it, but the mold kingdom, unlike plants and animals, ranges from edible fungi to nightmarish parasites.

In a movie shot about this before, Cordyceps fungus was infecting people and the resulting epidemic caused great destruction of humanity. But is this possible in the real world? Lead fungal expert at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London, Dr. Neil Stone argues that we are completely unprepared to deal with a fungal epidemic.


Dr Charissa de Bekker, a microbiologist at Utrecht University, who made important evaluations on the subject, stated that a general judgment could not be made by looking at the ants in the incident. Bekker says that he does not think that the event where ants turn into zombies could happen in humans. “Our body temperature is too high for most fungi to settle and grow optimally. This is also true for Cordyceps,” says Bekker.


While the statements from experts continued to come, the dangers posed by mushrooms came to the fore again. Of the millions of fungal species, only a tiny fraction are capable of causing disease, yet 1.7 million people die annually from fungal diseases, three times that of malaria.


Fungi are very different types of infections than bacteria or viruses. Unlike bacteria and viruses, which are spread by coughing and sneezing, fungus is almost always taken from the environment.

We are all regularly exposed to fungi, but dangerous species need a weakened immune system to spread.