Israeli Prime Minister Lapid says he supports two-state solution

Lapid favors a two-state solution

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid emphasized that he supports the two-state solution, saying that the right thing for the security and future of his country is to “make an agreement with the Palestinians on the basis of two states for two peoples”.

Lapid addressed the participants at the UN 77th General Assembly meetings, the largest diplomacy forum that brings world leaders together in New York.


Defending that one of the biggest threats to his country is the “nuclear threat”, Lapid said, “The country that wants to destroy us is also the country that founded the world’s largest terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Iran finances Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and from Bulgaria to Buenos Aires “Iran is behind the mass terrorist attacks up to Aires. Iran is a murderous dictatorship that makes every effort to acquire nuclear weapons.” said.

Reiterating the “military threat” option his country presents to the international community against Iran’s nuclear activities, Lapid said:

“If the Iranian regime gets a nuclear weapon, it will use it. The only way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is to put a credible military threat on the table. Only then can a longer and stronger deal be made with them.

It should be clear to Iran that if it advances its nuclear program, the world will respond with military force, not words. Whenever such a threat has been brought to the table in the past, Iran has stopped and withdrawn.”


The most striking issue in Lapid’s speech was his statement supporting the “two-state solution”.

“Israel’s economic and military strength allows us to protect ourselves, but it also gives us something else: to strive for peace with the entire Arab world. And with our closest neighbors, the Palestinians,” said the Israeli Prime Minister. said.

Lapid stated that he supports the two-state solution, but that it has “one condition” and said:

“An agreement with the Palestinians on the basis of two states for two peoples is right for Israel’s security, Israel’s economy and the future of our children. Despite all the obstacles, the vast majority of Israelis still support this vision of a two-state solution today. I am one of them.

We have only one condition: a future Palestine state to be a peaceful state. (Palestine) not to become another terrorist base that will threaten Israel’s prosperity and existence. We must have the ability to protect the safety of all Israeli citizens at all times.”


Expressing that “more than 20,000 rockets and missiles have been fired at Israel since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza 17 years ago,” Lapid said, “We were repeatedly asked in this building why we did not lift the restrictions on Gaza. We are ready to do this tomorrow morning. We have one condition. : Stop shooting rockets and missiles at our children. Drop your weapons, there will be no restrictions.” he said.

Lapid also demanded the release of two Israeli soldiers held captive in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, and the bodies of the other two Israeli soldiers handed over to them.

Lapid, who wanted the Palestinians to “put down their weapons”, claimed that then there would be peace and said, “We can build your future together in both Gaza and the West Bank. Drop your weapons and prove that Hamas and Islamic Jihad will not take over the Palestinian state you want to establish. Drop your weapons, then there will be peace.” made its assessment.

On the other hand, defending that Israel has “proved that they want peace through peace agreements” with some Arab countries, Lapid said, “We call on every Muslim country, from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, to accept this and come and talk with us. We reach out for peace.” used the phrases.

Lapid concluded his words as follows:

“The state of Israel is the only country in the world that was founded by a book. The book of books: the Torah. That book and the principles of liberal democracy require us to reach out in peace. Our history requires us to be open-minded and very careful.”​​

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