Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Commander Selami’s warning to Europe

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqir Ghalibaf Iranian Revolutionary Guards ArmyFollowing the adoption of the draft resolution demanding that Turkey be included in the EU terror list, he paid a support visit to the General Commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Major General Hüseyin Selami. Saying that the visit of Iranian Parliament Speaker Galibaf was meaningful, Selami said, “I would like to thank him for his support and visits in the face of the global attack and traps against the Revolutionary Guards Army.” Terrorism, thanks to the Revolutionary Guards’ fight against terrorism, he said. “Without the efforts of the Revolutionary Guards Army, terror would have surrounded Europe today. There would be no trace of the security and stability prevailing in Europe today,” Selami said.


Selami warned European countries about the decision they took against the Revolutionary Guards Army and said, “We advise Europe not to repeat their past mistakes, otherwise they will suffer the consequences. We are never worried about such threats.” Reminding that Europe has been at the center of world wars twice, Selami emphasized that lessons should be taken from these wars and that Europe cannot weaken the Revolutionary Guards Army with the declarations it has published and the decisions it has taken.

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Galibaf, said that as the Parliament, they stand with the Revolutionary Guards Army and condemn the decision taken by the European Parliament. Stating that the Assembly will respond with harsh retaliation if the resolution is approved, Galibaf said, “They think that the Revolutionary Guards Army is just a military unit like their own army. The Revolutionary Guards Army was born from within the Iranian nation and has millions of volunteer soldiers and members. If the Council of Europe loses its mind, “If the Revolutionary Guards make the slightest attempt against the Army, we are ready to respond in the harshest way as the Assembly,” he said.

last thursday Europe by the Parliament (EP) of the EU. Iranian The 32-item decision, which includes the demands to recognize the Revolutionary Guards Army as a terrorist organization and to impose sanctions on institutions and individuals involved in human rights violations, was approved. In addition, the Revolutionary Guards Army, as well as all companies and foundations affiliated with the army, the Besic militia and the Quds force were requested to be included in the terrorist list.

If the decision is approved at the European Council meeting to be held on Monday, Iran’s military force, the Revolutionary Guards Army, will be officially included in the list of terrorist organizations.