“I was walking around like I was in the middle of a dream”

Galatasarayfrom Danish League teams during the transfer period of aalborgadded to its staff from Mathias Rossnews website broadcasting in Denmark BoldHe made statements to

Describing the transfer process to the yellow-red team, Ross said, “Galatasarayla aalborgI first learned about the agreement before the training. Sporting director of the club Inge Andre Olsenmy manager Bach LundHe said he was calling. aalborg‘Fame GalatasarayThey said that he was about to deal with and that I had to pack my things immediately. When I heard this, my mouth fell open and I was out of breath. A day and a half later, I went to Istanbul and signed. It was absolutely crazy when you think about where I came from. I was tired and sluggish for a few days. “I was walking around feeling like I was in the middle of a dream.”


GalatasarayStating that he received support from Nelsson and Midtsjö after signing for . “It was easy for me to move to Istanbul. Victor Nelsson and Fredrik Midtsjö were very helpful.” used the phrases.

Ross also said, “There were so many people welcoming me at the airport. It’s great to have such a strong fan culture. I’ve never gotten so many messages on social media. The love from the fans was so good.”