I remember what you said 3 years ago

WALL – It was shared from a fake social media account opened on behalf of the actor Selçuk Method. Journalist-writer Tuluhan Tekelioğlu responded to the post, which called for a voice to be raised against the lawlessness in the country.

From the Twitter account opened on behalf of Selçuk Method, “Artists, intellectuals and celebrities! Isn’t it time to say “stop” to the bad trend in the country? Why don’t you speak up? What more needs to be done for you to speak out? The country has been officially invaded, looted, democracy has been destroyed. I am here now to say “stop” to this bad trend.

Tuluhan responded to the post with the following words: “I remembered what you said to me in my broadcast on @tele1comtr 3 years ago. You said, “If you ask one question about Gezi, I will leave the broadcast.” That day was the anniversary of Gezi. Fortunately, Mehmet Aslantuğ is more courageous than you. He came out. He answered my questions. He is a witness to what you have said.” (NEWS CENTER)