humidity too humid

Two greats of Turkish football are playing. Both the teachers and the referee who manage the match are in trouble, “Oh, let’s not spoil the taste of our mouths”.

• 32 Fouls called 32. At least 10 of them are not fouls.

• G. Saray bought Sergio Oliviera. Every time he stays anywhere, he does 10 somersaults. Mertens, just like Neymar, turns an extra lap when he is fouled and falls to the ground.

• Boey, who was not admitted to that camp, is the player with the highest physical strength in Okan Hoca’s team, which has moved the date of the camp at the beginning of the season, which is July 4, one week ahead.

• Torreira, who has been trained by Arsenal, and Mertens, who has never trained, are still trying to give what they have in hand, while those who participate in the camp, who are delayed a week at the beginning of the season, cannot get up from the ground.

• Seferovic, who played badly, trips on the way out.

• Seasons change when we say let’s pass.

• The other is the coach of last year’s champion team. Passionist on account. Even the last team does not make such a faulty pass.

• He puts Kouassi, whom he had taken, into the game as hope. However, this player does not know football.

• He finishes the 2nd half in his own house with a snatch like the Anatolian team, just because of set game, pass football, settlement.

• He ends the match without finding a clear position.

• Referee does not allow pattern attack, struggle. Still like a water break; Like the 21.45 games, they are dealing with transactions that have little to do with the climate.

After that, he is asked, “Why are we not in the Champions League?”

Humidity is very humid. From him..

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