How much battery does the iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display consume?

Technology giant Apple launched last year. iPhone 14 Pro has made quite a splash in the smartphone world. So much so that the model, which draws attention with its features, has now become clear how much charge it consumes when the Always On Display feature is turned on. Also, the result Android compared to its competitors in the market.

iPhone 14 ProHow much battery does it consume when Always On Display is active?

Apple introduced the highly anticipated iPhone 14 series at the Far Out event on September 7, 2022. So much so that the Pro model, which stands out in this series, offers 1 hour more use in terms of battery compared to its predecessors.

Apple introduced many new features into our lives with the iPhone 14 series. One of them is the Always On Display feature. So much so that thanks to this feature, even if your device screen is turned off, your lock screen appears dimmed. So you don’t have to open the screen to look at important information such as time, date and alerts.

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How about the iPhone 14 series? Apple’s fastest devices have been revealed!

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This feature, aside from attracting attention, also aroused curiosity about how much battery it consumed. Now is PhoneBuff A YouTuber named, with his test, revealed how much battery the Always On Display feature consumes.

YouTube video

Three iPhone 14 Pro models were used during the tests. In this way, all three modes of the Always On Display were tested. On the first device, the screen was completely off and the feature was not active. In the second, only the clock was visible, and in the third, the background of the phone was also visible.

As a result of the 24-hour test, the charge changes were as follows;

  • Screen off: 100% charge remaining
  • Hours only: 84% charge remaining
  • Wallpaper and clock: 80% charge remaining

According to the test results, the Always On Display feature is active while it is active. 20 percentIt made a serious difference with a charge drop of . This situation was quite surprising because Apple said that they used a special technology for the feature and that the charge consumption could be reduced. 10 percent He declared that he would not pass.

The charge consumed by the iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display feature

The same test ran Samsung, Apple’s rival in the Android market. Galaxy S22 It was also made on the Ultra model. So much so that according to the results, the device consumed the same charge as the iPhone 14 Pro, with a decrease of 24 percent. It should be noted that both models have different battery capacities.

So what do you guys think about the Always On Display test on the iPhone 14 Pro? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.