Hospitals in China are starting to fill up, according to the World Health Organization

WHO Director of Emergency Dr. Michael Ryan said that although the Chinese authorities declared the number of cases relatively low, the intensive care services were busy.

Dr. “We have been saying for weeks that it will be very difficult to completely stop this highly contagious virus with only public health and social measures,” Ryan said.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also said at a weekly press conference that he was “very concerned” about what was happening in China.

Ghebreyesus asked China to publish detailed data on the extent of the epidemic, the number of patient admissions in hospitals and cases requiring intensive care.

Dr. Ryan also said at the meeting that “the path to exit strategy is through vaccination”.

It was announced that the vaccine developed by China provides less protection against severe cases and deaths compared to mRNA vaccines.

Germany announced yesterday that it had sent the BioNTech vaccine to China for the first time.


Chinese His government has been implementing strict measures since 2020 under the “Zero Covid” policy.

But two weeks ago, most of these measures were lifted after the protests.

After that, the number of cases started to increase. There is concern that deaths may increase, especially among the elderly in the high-risk group.

According to the data announced by the Chinese authorities, there were no deaths from Covid in the country yesterday.

It was announced that two people died on Monday and five on Tuesday.