His teasing of Guardiola was his end for City!

German giant Bayern Munich has signed Joao Cancelo from Manchester City, one of the Premier League teams, on loan.

Bayern Munich filled the gap of injured Mazraoui with elite fullback Cancelo. The Bavarian representative also has a 70 million Euro purchase option.

The Portuguese star was one of Pep Guardiola’s indispensable players from the 2019-20 season to the World Cup. However, since his return from the trophy, the 28-year-old football player was not preferred by Guardiola in Everton, Tottenham and Wolves matches.

Transferred from Juventus for 65 million euros, Cancelo won 2 Premier League titles in Manchester City.


Joao Cancelo, who was one of the most important players of Pep Guardiola until the World Cup, was cut from the team after returning from the trophy. The Portuguese star lost his place to Rico Lewis from the infrastructure.

The British press explained the reason for Cancelo’s disgrace. According to island media, Cancelo and Guardiola had problems in training.

Pep Guardiola played young football player Rico Lewis in different regions besides the right-back in the game. The Catalan coach, who liked Lewis’ performance, pulled Cancelo to the bench.

The Portuguese star was uncomfortable with this situation and felt that he was no longer needed in the team. Because of this, Cancelo had a bad experience with team manager Pep Guardiola in training and this was the end of the veteran at City.

With Mazraoui’s injury at Bayern Munich, the Bavarian team wanted to strengthen the team with Cancelo. On the last day of the transfer window in Europe, Cancelo signed for Bayern Munich.