Headliners are those who stopped the operation! – ERMAN TOROGLU

It rice removes a lot of water… Which rice; the rice of the referee group. You can’t use baldo, you can’t use Kızılcahamam rice. They are quality rice. So why not? because bu referee group, snake skin like completely disassembled if you don’t throw and new if you don’t group this is forever expense. I’ve been saying it over and over for years, I don’t like to say ‘I’m telling you’, but I didn’t grow a beard. After the beard, the referees got worse. They don’t shave, the blessed ones cut it from the root. Think how many days ago, a head in the opponent’s nose, the referee did not throw a yellow card, yesterday a goal… So to speak, a madman throws a stone into the well and 40 people can’t get out, or we couldn’t get 30 people in the service. Referee indirect gives. Do you mean indirect? means offside or a contactless violation means. Both styles in the position none. Two people who know this. There is someone the other is the person on the field. In this referee operation, I emphasize that whoever stopped that operation will be the headliners. Look, the ground is heavy, we’re not talking about it. Even pods cannot grow on such a ground. The story is that that team beat this team. But I can clearly say that Galatasaray will be crushed by this victory for many years. Because their rivals this match they can’t forget.


Sivas-Galatasaray Beşiktaş-Adana Demirspor match after watching the match deaerated soda it seemed like. Both sides tried to play ball. Adana Demirspor played open ball. Beşiktaş could have benefited from this more easily, but could not benefit from it. Black-whites also gave their opponents a good position in defense. I can’t help but write this; of Welinton movement with his arm It was a clear penalty. He cut the ball using his arm and body. Beşiktaş goalkeeper Mert made a similar position outside the penalty area. The referee failed to show red.