He was terrified of King Charles’ son! She doesn’t want to go to war with Harry: what secrets she has yet to keep about Diana and Charles!


The real blow Prince Harry‘s book called Spare, which was released on January 10. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, almost took his revenge with this book when his family turned their back on him because of his marriage to Meghan Markle. The quotes leaked to the press before the book was even released, and what Harry said on the programs he participated in the book’s promotional tours, caused a big storm.

Then, when the book took its place on the shelves and was read by everyone, there was a great noise and silence around. The noise was, of course, due to the echo of what Harry had said in the book. Silence enveloped the British royal family; the world’s most talked about family had begun to keep their mouths open.


The things Harry described in the book were uneventful, and the monarchy had never been so stricken since the death of his mother, Lady Diana. The resentful prince did not only describe the discrimination against his wife, and the suffering they both suffered because of this marriage. Among the things he covered in his book were the network of relationships within the royal family, the secrets kept with great care, the fights he had with his older brother William, and the conflicts between his wife and ex-wife Meghan.

King Charles and his wife Camilla have been grappling with allegations of racism, discrimination and exclusion by heir apparent Prince William and future queen Kate, Harry and Meghan for the past few years, and perhaps they are now trained to face them. However, the family quarrels and the revealing of Harry’s past and childhood secrets made everyone very uneasy.

Scared of King Charles' son, he doesn't want to go to war with Harry: What secrets does he still have about Diana and Charles?


One of the most prominent details in the book was about Harry’s childhood. Harry was born to his father, Charles, then known as the Prince of Wales, when his mother was born. Princess Diana“You gave me an heir. Now you’ve given birth to a backup. Now my job is done.” he wrote what he said. This child, who grew up learning these words and feeling that he would always be in his brother’s shadow, was telling that he grew up with the weight of being a substitute and that he suffered from it even in his adulthood. This was the main reason why the title of the book was “Backup”.

It’s been a week since the book’s release. Buckingham Palace still has not received a statement on the subject. Charles, Camilla, William and Kate yet remain silent. However, from inside the palace news According to leaked sources, under this silence, along with anger and sadness, there is a great fear.

Scared of King Charles' son, he doesn't want to go to war with Harry: What secrets does he still have about Diana and Charles?


Charles and Camilla hosted a private dinner party at Clarence House a few days ago. at dinner King CharlesHis reluctance to confront Harry over his infidelity surprised his guests. According to rumors circulating in the palace, Charles announced to his guests that he preferred to avoid a fierce battle with his son Harry. Palace ‘sources’, quoted and adorning all UK newspaper headlines today, said the King could ignore Harry’s betrayal and deception.

The idea that the king might succumb to pressure from his younger son shows that Buckingham Palace fears losing control of what’s going on. After all, it is said that one of Charles’s most important weaknesses has emerged in the face of Harry’s multiple scribbling, thoughtlessness and provocation: Instead of facing his personal problems openly, avoiding them as much as possible and keeping the troubles in a box until everything comes to the end… Charles, more he had done the same before when it came to problems with his marriage to Diana and his now-wife Camilla Bowles. What everyone agrees on is that Charles would rather avoid a bitter battle than fight for such an important situation.

Scared of King Charles' son, he doesn't want to go to war with Harry: What secrets does he still have about Diana and Charles?


The explanation that may have given the royal family and Charles the most hesitations was Harry’s claim that he threw away half of the final draft of his book because of its length. According to this, 400 pages of embarrassing statements and sarcastic accusations may await the royal family in the near future. Moreover, it is thought that these will contain top secret secrets especially about William and Harry’s childhood and Charles & Diana marriage. In the meantime, the possibility of Charles to forgive his young son is getting stronger.

Because Harry can continue to write a new book about his father’s turbulent marriage with his mother Diana, his difficult relationship with his own parents, and his adulterous relationship with Camilla, some of which he has already told in this book. There are even those who claim that these secrets, which have not yet come to the surface, could spell the end of the British monarchy.

Scared of King Charles' son, he doesn't want to go to war with Harry: What secrets does he still have about Diana and Charles?


And of course, no one knows these secrets better than Charles. The embattled King knows he has good reason to fear his son. Charles’ commitment to Harry is also weakened by this guilt. Charles is described as a self-aware man who knew very well that after Diana’s death, he didn’t even pass by the supportive father figure he should have been. Often, on weekends and school holidays, Harry was left in Highgrove in the care of his nanny while his father was chasing his own pleasure or getting away with Camilla. Apparently, the prince is determined to ask the whole family, especially his father, to account for this difficult childhood…

Scared of King Charles' son, he doesn't want to go to war with Harry: What secrets does he still have about Diana and Charles?

HE SAID “Don’t make me miserable”

Already in Harry’s book, one of the most poignant and revealing quotes attributed to Charles was the King’s plea to his sons after Prince Philip’s funeral: “Please guys, don’t make my last years a misery.” With that one sentence, Charles was revealing his vulnerability. He was quite afraid that his reign, which would have to pass 70 to get even more, might be ruined by Harry and Meghan.