He said ‘I am adopted’: Criminal complaint against Selin Cigerci from the Ministry

The Ministry of Family and Social Services announced that a criminal complaint will be filed with the prosecutor’s office against social media phenomenon Selin Ciğerci, who announced that she and her ex-wife Gökhan Çıra were adopted.

Selin Cigerci and her ex-wife Gokhan Cira

Trans woman Selin Ciğerci said that the previous day, when she was married to her ex-wife Gökhan Çıra, they applied for adoption and that her baby would be coming soon.

Selin Cigerci noted the following: “I always said I was going to be a mother. Yes, I became a mother, you are an aunt! You can congratulate me. While we were married to my ex-wife, we made our applications, all the documents are ready for adoption. My son will come soon. He’s had a room for a long time. There is no such thing as reconciling with my ex. The child will stay with me, he will come and get it whenever he wants.”

The Ministry of Family and Social Services denied Cigerci in a written statement.

It was stated that Cigerci and Çıra did not make an official application for adoption: “An application has been made to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor to investigate the allegations in the news, to take all necessary measures in order to conduct a judicial investigation about those who may be a party to the incident, and to conduct a social investigation about the child.”