Half-naked pose has arrived! Hadise’s photo of the event rained comments: “She can’t stop showing it”

Hadise, who returned to her courageous state after leaving Mehmet Dinçerler, can’t get enough of posting photos on social media. Finally, the star name, who shared a frame he took in front of the mirror before the stage, dropped the note “Mirror Mirror, tell me… OK, I know.”

Hadise, who was born in Belgium on October 22, 1985, got a good break with the song Deli Boy and started to attract attention.

Subsequently, she represented Turkey in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with “Düm Tek Tek” and left the competition in fourth place.

The successful name, which increased its popularity thanks to the competition, began to live in Turkey and produced hit songs one after the other.

Supporting her success with her songs as a member of the jury of O Ses Türkiye, Hadise married businessperson Mehmet Dinçerler on April 30, 2022 at Çırağan Palace.

Hadise, who fell in love with Mehmet Dinçerler after living in love with Kaan Yıldırım for 2 years, surprised everyone with her sudden marriage decision.

However, the successful name’s marriage did not last long. Hadise announced on September 15, 2022 that she had filed for divorce from Dinçerler. The couple divorced on September 30, 2022 in Beykoz Courthouse.

After this divorce, Hadise returned to her brave poses and stage outfits. The star name, who uses his social media actively, started to publish new frames one after another.

event show

Hadise completed her preparations before going on stage and posed in front of the mirror. Shining with her yellow deep-cut dress, Hadise presented her pose in front of the mirror to the admiration of her fans.

While Hadise was putting this pose on social media, “Mirror Mirror tell me…Okay okay I know” downgraded.

While her successful name showered some fans with criticism, some did not neglect to comment on her beauty.