Great disappointment in England… Historical mission failed: All satellites are lost!

The first attempt to send a satellite into orbit from British soil ended in failure.

The trial in Cornwall, in the south-west of the country, was planned by Virgin Orbit’s Boeing 747 aircraft to raise the rocket carrying the satellites to a certain altitude.

This is called ‘horizontal launch’ in space exploration. First, it was announced that the rocket left the plane over the Atlantic ocean and successfully advanced into orbit.


However, 28 minutes later, the company announced that the rocket had a problem. In the statement, it was noted that the rocket could not leave the satellites.

9 satellites are thought to be lost. Britain Matt Archer, launch director at the Space Agency, said the problem was at the top of the rocket.

Archer stated that the engine, which was supposed to be activated in the second stage, had a technical problem and the rocket could not reach orbit. Speaking to the BBC, Archer said the failed launch would be investigated.

More than 2,000 space enthusiasts came to watch the takeoff at Cornwall Newquay Airport. Virgin Orbit was founded in 2020 to provide launch services.

After the first unsuccessful attempt, it had subsequently made four successful flights. Virgin Orbit manager Melissa Thorpe said she was deeply saddened by the failed launch.

“We worked hard for this,” Thorpe said. That’s why we’re so sorry. But space His work may be cliché, but it is difficult.” said.