Good news for those who take loans from banks! Check on e-Government: You can get those coins back

It was stated that the number of applicants for loans has been increasing day by day, and there has been a significant development. In this case, it was shared that you can check via e-Government and that the money will be paid back with a single document.


It was stated that many transactions are now made through e-Government, while citizens are having difficulty in loan payments, an important statement has been made. It was emphasized that if you have taken a loan, you can check it immediately via e-Government and that millions of people can receive their payment.

Citizens who have difficulty making a living use the remedy to take loans from banks with appropriate interest rates. According to the decision made by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), banks that could not make it compulsory to take out ‘life insurance’ started to give loans at lower interest rates to those who had this insurance, but at higher interest rates to those who did not.


Accordingly, it was shared that citizens who frequently take out life insurance can get their insurance premium payments back in some ways, and a statement was made by Lawyer Dundar in this direction. In his statements, Dündar stated that in previous court decisions, the phrase “Only obligatory expenses can be requested from the consumer” was included and it was shared that people who took out insurance and wanted to cancel their insurance later could get their money back by doing this.

Regarding the issue, those who want to get their money back after the cancellation process must first log in via e-Government. Then you need to check the “Life Insurance Policy and Compensation Information Inquiry” service.

It is also shared that the citizens who want to get their life insurance money back should see the phrases ‘In force’ in the ‘Policy Status’ section and ‘Daini Mürtein (Daini Mürtehin)’ in the ‘Detail’ section, and those who see this phrase can access it from the e-Government Gateway. It was stated that they were able to get their money back with a petition they would write through the “Insurance and Private Pension Complaint Application and Follow-up” service, another service provided.