Good news for millions of citizens! The electricity bills you paid will be refunded! Those who do this will get it immediately

In the latest statement made by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, it was noted that companies that gave false information on their electricity bills were identified. Taking steps to ensure supply security and protect consumers from high electricity prices, the Energy Market Supervisory Board took an important decision. In this context, 40 companies found to be violating the maximum cleaning price mechanism by EMRA will return their unfair earnings. 40 companies that show high electricity bills with false information will return 11 billion liras in total. You can check out more details in our news…

The growth of the energy market worldwide is also causing high bills for consumers in Turkey. EMRA, which wants to protect consumers against high prices, has implemented new measures in this regard. The measure, called the Maximum Clearing Price Mechanism, started to be implemented in April for a period of 6 months. As a result of global developments, a maximum price regulation mechanism has been adopted so that the increase in the prices of imported energy products such as natural gas and coal does not impair supply security.


Maximum invoice prices determined by EMRA are updated by sensitively monitoring cost increases and decreases. A “support price” between the free market prices and the maximum settlement prices is pooled. The income obtained from the pool is used for the electricity consumption of consumers and it is possible to be protected from price increases. The maximum settlement price mechanism was extended for another 6 months in October 2022.


Within the framework of this mechanism, some costs that should be passed on to the consumer were found to be incorrect. and some have been deliberately altered. It was noted that price movements arising from production-consumption imbalances, product warehouse failures and network problems will be corrected by the relevant companies and necessary returns will be made.

40 companies that committed EMRA irregularities will return a total of 11 billion liras to consumers. Limak and IC İçtaş shared a total of 40 companies, of which approximately 3.2 billion liras of 11 billion liras, approximately 2.3 billion liras to Bereket Energy Group, approximately 1.8 billion liras to KOLİN Energy and 1.2 billion liras to ODAŞ. will refund.