Good news for credit card holders! Look at your statement now, if there is that statement, you can get a refund of 949 TL

Important news has been announced to those who have a credit card! With the news given to credit card holders, the way to get a refund was opened. A warning for the annual card fee and operating membership fee refund on the credit card statement has been received.

Good news for credit card holders! Check your statement right now, if there is that statement, you can get a refund of 949 TL – Critical warning has been given to people who have a credit card in their pocket. With the statement made, the way to get money back was opened for millions of people.

Unfortunately, dues deductions continue for the credit card, which is among the items that banks earn the most. If the citizen is not offered a no-fee credit card option by the bank, the deducted fee amounts are not legal and a refund must be made. With the arrival of 2023, banks started to cut their dues again.


Today, while credit card statements are not usually sent in print, many people have stopped checking their statements for this reason. Experts, who warn that there may be many problems from repeated expenditures to erroneous transactions, say that credit card statements must be checked. People who are credit card customers should monitor and examine the expenses section of the statement every month.

While many banks continue to charge card fees, this amount varies between banks, but it goes up to 949 liras. In the event that the annual operating fee, card fee or card fee is written on the credit card statement, the citizen must immediately call the bank and request a refund of this amount. In case of deduction of card fee money, in case of objection, these banks usually load the money on the cards as money points and in return they take a commitment that the card will not be canceled for 1 year.


It will be sufficient to call customer service and create a refund request for the credit card fee deduction. Especially to people who have been customers of the same bank for a long time, spend high every month and pay their debts regularly, banks return this amount so that they do not close their credit cards. If the bank objects, you can force them by stating that you will cancel your card, or you can get your money back by applying to the consumer court located in the District Governor’s office.