Gold prices continue to rise

Gram gold continues to break records. The selling price of gram gold in the Grand Bazaar was 1187 liras.

Gold prices continue to rise. An ounce of gold rose to the level of 1950 dollars. The rise in ounce was also reflected in gram gold. Gram gold broke the record and saw 1,187 liras during the day. Gram gold, which has earned its investors about 10 percent since the first day of the new year, is sold at 1,187 liras, quarter gold from 1,947 liras, and full gold from 7,758 liras in the Grand Bazaar.

Making a statement about the rise in gold prices, Foreign Exchange and Gold Market Specialist Adnan Kapikaya said, “Gold has started to break records since the beginning of the year. When the level of one thousand 100 liras was broken under gram, it rose to the level of thousand 190. Demand for gold continues across the world markets. In the domestic market, it finds buyers at the level of 1,190 liras. The fact that the USA is in the final stages of raising interest rates increases the demand for gold. Inflation report will also be announced in the USA, the market is waiting for this data. If the US inflation figure is low, we can see an increase up to 1,215 grams of gold. We can see serious movements in gold in April,” he said.


Indicating that gram gold yields about 10 percent in the new year, Kapıkaya said, ”A gram was around 80-95 thousand 95 liras at the beginning of the year. It rose about 10 percent. Gram gold is currently sold for 1,190 lira, quarter gold for 1,947 lira, half gold for 3 thousand 758 lira, and Republic gold for 7 thousand 700 lira. Demand is mostly below a quarter,” he said.