Giant promotional payment to those who carry their pension to that bank!

Giant promotional payment to those who carry their pension to that bank!

Banks are almost competing with each other for promotional fees for retirees. Retired citizens who promise to receive their pension for three years can benefit from many campaigns of banks. Finally, Yapı Kredi updated its promotional fees and offers attractive offers to retirees. Here are 2023 Yapı Kredi retirement promotion fees…

In most of the scopes determined to get a loan or benefit from other government support retirees not included.

Retirees who have financial difficulties, on the other hand, are very troubled in this regard. In order to prevent this situation, Yapı Kredi started to work to offer an opportunity to retirees.

Accordingly, retirees who apply to Yapı Kredi to receive their salaries will be able to receive a one-time payment.


While banks update their retirement promotion amounts with the new year, the details of Yapı Kredi’s retirement promotion campaign are as follows:

* 4 thousand 200 TL for citizens who receive pensions up to 3 thousand 499 TL,

* 4 thousand 900 TL for citizens who receive pensions between 3 thousand 500 TL and 7 thousand 499 TL,

* 6 thousand 300 TL for citizens who receive a pension between 7 thousand 500 TL and 9 thousand 999 TL,

* Citizens who receive a pension of more than 10 thousand TL will also receive a pension promotion payment of 7 thousand TL.


Retirees who have promised to receive their salaries from Yapı Kredi for three years will receive the same promotions again when the three-year term ends and they sign a contract again.

Citizens whose three-year term has expired need to re-apply if they want to take advantage of this right.

Efforts to increase the current promotional fees in the coming months are also continuing.

Promotion applications can be made from branches, as well as internet banking and mobile payment options.

Source: Decision