FUEL HAS CHANGED! Gasoline, diesel (diesel), LPG prices HAVE BEEN DETERMINED! December 27, 2022 latest prices in gasoline, diesel and LPG…

Gasoline, diesel and LPG prices are frequently investigated by vehicle owners. With the developments in Brent oil, “‘Will there be a discount or increase in gasoline, diesel and LPG?” questions such as We discussed the latest developments in fuel prices in our article. Well, is there a raise or discount on 27 December gasoline, diesel (diesel), LPG? Here is the current list of fuel prices…

Brent oil prices continue to fluctuate with the Russia-Ukraine war. Developments in oil continue to directly affect fuel prices. While gasoline, diesel and LPG prices are closely followed by vehicle owners, it is wondered whether there will be a discount or a raise on 27 December. So, is there a raise or discount on 27 December gasoline, diesel (diesel), LPG? Here is the current list of fuel prices…


On Tuesday, December 27, there was no price change in the diesel, gasoline and LPG groups. The last change in fuel prices took place on 23 December. On this date, there was an increase of 67 cents in the gasoline group.

27 December Istanbul Fuel Prices

Istanbul Gasoline liter price: 18.61 TL

Istanbul Diesel (Diesel) liter price: 22.08 TL

Istanbul LPG liter price: 10.83 TL

27 December Ankara Fuel Prices

Ankara Gasoline liter price: 18.82 TL

Ankara Diesel (Diesel) liter price 22.25 TL

Ankara LPG liter price 10.83 TL

27 December Izmir Fuel Prices

Izmir Gasoline liter price: 18.82 TL

Izmir Diesel (Diesel) liter price 22.35 TL

─░zmir LPG liter price 10.58 TL


Brent crude rose more than 6% last week. The weak dollar and the US plan to restock its oil reserves were effective in the rise in prices.

While the oil purchase plan of up to 3 million barrels in February for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve announced by the USA supported the prices, analysts stated that the expectation of an increase in oil demand in the USA increased the optimism about oil.

The forecast for the decline in the US crude oil stocks supported the increase in prices with the perception that the demand in the country has strengthened.

Brent oil prices rose with the news that Russia could reduce its crude oil supply despite the ceiling price practices.

According to local media reports, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak announced that Russia can respond by stopping sales to countries that support the imposition of ceiling prices on crude oil and oil products, and reduce oil production by 5 to 7 percent by early 2023.