Flash decision for fuel prices! On that date, petrol will be crashed at 11 TL.

Bag legislation is enacted to regulate gasoline prices. Fuel prices are expected to fall! Petrol Ofisi promises 500 TL to its customers who promise to purchase for 12 months. Here are the details on the fuel agenda…

The button was pressed for fuel prices from the bag law, and news of hikes and discounts that would be reflected in the fluctuations in gasoline prices began to be followed.


The fact that on the days when citizens go to gas stations to buy fuel, they encounter new hikes one after the other due to fluctuations in oil prices, it shows that their fuel purchases are getting heavier. However, for the convenience of the citizens, the button was pressed for fuel prices from the bag law!

With this news, gasoline prices were expected to drop by 11 liras suddenly. After the news came, those who went to the gas stations were waiting for the news of the discount, but when they were faced with the price hikes, it was observed that their fuel purchases became heavier. While it is thought that the overlapping price increases at fuel stations will continue to increase, the fluctuations in oil prices also affected these developments.


Now, in order to end the fluctuations in oil prices, the button has been pressed for fuel prices from the bag law. While one of the discounts to be created in fuel is expected to be made in gasoline, discounts and hikes in fuel prices are generally made after midnight. For this reason, those who go to the fuel station at night are waiting for these discounts.


A special support of 500 TL will be given to fuel expenses to be made from Petrol Ofisi stations. Those who promise to purchase 500 TL of fuel every month for 12 months with ING Credit Card and mobile payment from PO stations will be given a gift of 500 TL immediately. Thanks to these supports, it is aimed to facilitate the fuel expenditures of the citizens. With the news that the button has been pressed for fuel prices from the new bag law, citizens are trying to support their fuel purchases. Citizens, as they will encounter new hikes, closely follow the discounts. Those who keep a close eye on gas prices expect low prices when they go to gas stations.