Explanation to the point deletion penalty: Kayserispor does not accept

Samet Koç, Press Spokesman of Kayserispor Club, one of the Super League teams, said that the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Club License Board expects the 3 point deletion penalty to be returned from the Arbitration Board.
Koç, who held a press conference in a restaurant in the city, stated that they would never accept the deletion of the 3 points they earned by working hard.
Emphasizing that they are hopeful for the Arbitration Board Meeting that will be held tomorrow, Koç said, “Unless there is a half-time break or the end of the season, changing the rules while the matches are being played is something that both FIFA and TFF should not do. We went to arbitration with this thinking and believing it. “We believe that this issue will definitely be resolved. Kayserispor’s three points are very valuable. We never want to allow three points to be wasted or deleted. My personal opinion is that the three point deletion penalty will return from arbitration.” used his statements.

Stating that the club has many problems, Koç said, “The foremost problem is that our transfer board is closed. We are under a debt of debt. This debt needs to be restructured and paid in a certain way in the short and long term. These problems are not insurmountable. We have a regular staff.” said.
Koç stated that they have reached a 3-year agreement with coach Çağdaş Atan and that they will hold a signing ceremony tomorrow.
Emphasizing that they will be at an equal distance to everyone as a management, Koç said:
“We want to be at an equal distance with every representative in the press. We do not want to allow anyone to make any distinctions as journalists of this administration or supporters of this administration. We want to display a management style that is more transparent and can answer your questions more sincerely in the next period. As the Board of Directors, monthly, We will announce quarterly and annual balance sheets. We sincerely want to give an account of every penny that comes to Kayserispor and every lira spent. We are always open to criticism. We do not reject any criticism. We just want the criticism to be constructive and guiding. This administration, headed by Ali Çamlı, is transparent, honest. and it will display a principled administration that is equal to everyone. We declare this here. We do not want to leave this burden of debt to the administrations that come after us.”
Vice-President Nurettin Açıkalın said, “We want to display a transparent, explainable and logical management. If we cooperate in this matter, be sure, our Kayserispor will reach good places and good days. Let’s be together. I hope we will solve all these problems.” said.
After the meeting, Koç presented a plaque to Mustafa Tokgöz, the former press spokesperson and vice president, for his services.