‘EU countries should make self-criticism in energy’ – Latest News

Stating that Europe has suffered the penalty of being so dependent on a single country in energy, Birol said that renewable energy in Turkey will enter the top 10 of the world and the top 4 of Europe in terms of growth in the next 5 years.

Organized by Sabanc─▒ University Istanbul International Center for Energy and Climate (IICEC),World Speaking at the conference titled “Energy Crisis: Solutions and the Role of Renewable Energy”, Fatih Birol stated that European countries should make a self-criticism after the crisis subsides, as it has tied most of its energy to a single country for decades.

Renewable energy

Noting that 2023 will be a much more difficult year, Birol said, “We may even be able to call 2022, which we don’t like.” Birol, the global energy crisis is good for developing countries, Europe and Russia. news He pointed out that each of them would face different problems. Birol, who stated that they determined that the current global energy crisis will accelerate the transition to clean and safe energy technologies, said that they expect an increase of 2400 GW in the world’s renewable energy capacity in the next 5 years. end He emphasized that it is as much as the increase it has recorded in 20 years.