EMPLOYEE’S RETIREMENT 5000 TL will be deposited into accounts!

Full support from Akbank, Garanti and TEB banks! Payments will be made instantly.

Akbank, Garanti and TEB bank announced that they will provide 3-month deferred loans to citizens who will use consumer loans in line with the new campaign to be launched for citizens in need. In order to take advantage of the opportunity to pay up to 5000 TL, you are required to apply with your TR ID number.


Akbank stated that within the scope of the consumer loan application it has made to its customers, it will provide privileges to its customers and provide loan payments with lower interest rates. Applications will be made through Akbank and a loan of 5000 TL will be provided. Loan payments to be made by the citizens through the Akbank application will be made with a 3-month delay. Citizens who make the loan payments you have applied through Akbank will be able to pay the loan by making the transaction on the same day.


Persons who want to provide loans from TEB Bank and Garanti Bank, if they are bank customers, can provide loans by using mobile banking. If the score of the users who want to provide loan opportunities by Garanti Bank and TEB Bank is 1400 and above, they can log in to the bank’s internet address and fill out the required document for the consumer loan. TEB Bank and Garanti Bank will provide a loan of 5000 TL with 36 months maturity to those who will apply for loans.