Elementary School High School Associate! 326 Staff Recruitment

Recruitment has been announced. In the advertisements published within the scope of permanent personnel recruitment, at least primary, high school and associate degree graduates will be recruited to work within the institution. Personnel recruitment job posting details have been announced.

Public institutions publish advertisements without slowing down within the scope of job postings. In the announcement published by the institution, it was announced that 326 personnel would be recruited among at least primary school, high school and associate degree graduates. The institutions that will be recruited and recruited have been determined.

Ditaş, Demir Export, Aygaz, Arçelik, American Hospital, Türk Tractor, Token Financial Technologies, Tofaş, Tat Gıda, Diagnosis, Setur, Otokoç Automotive, Otokar, Opet Fuchs, Opet, KoçSistem, Koç Yaşa Çok Yaşa Medikal A.Ş., Purchases are made for 24 different institutions such as Zer, Yapı Kredi Technology, Motor, WAT Ingage, Ford, Otosan, Entek and Divan.

Which Institutions Recruit How Many Personnel?

Otokoç Automotive 27 Job Postings,

Divan 2 Job Posting,

Entek 9 Job Posting,

Setur 20 Job Posting,

Diagnosis 3 Job Posting,

Opet Fuchs 20 Job Postings,

Tat Gıda 2 Job Posting,

Demir Export 1 Job Posting,

Ditaş 1 Job Posting,

Ford Otosan 1 Job Posting,

Ingage 9 Job Posting,

Koç Long Live Long Medikal A.Ş. 5 Job Postings,

KoçSistem 3 Job Posting,

Tofaş 2 Job Posting,

Token Financial Technologies 1 Job Posting,

Türk Tractor 7 Job Posting,

WAT Engine 15 Job Posting,

Yapı Kredi Technology 33 Job Postings,

Zer 9 Job Posting,

American Hospital 50 Job Postings,

Arçelik 48 Job Postings,

Aygaz 4 Job Posting,

Opet 2 Job Posting,

326 advertisements were published along with Otokar 13 Job Postings.

How to Make Personnel Recruitment Applications?

Applications from candidates who will apply to Koç Holding job postings have started to be received as of the beginning of September. After completing the requirements for the application, candidates will be able to submit their applications.

Application screen

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