Don’t want a girl… Engagement… Separation… Peace… Everything happened in 19 days!


Ferdi Tayfur with Necla Nazir‘s daughters Tugce Tayfurthe lover with whom he was in love for a while Burak KalfaThe couple got engaged in a ceremony held between the family on September 16.

Worse than the couple counting the days for the wedding news came. Tuğçe Tayfur and Burak Kalfa parted ways.

After the breakup, Tuğçe Tayfur deleted the photos they were together, and unfollowed Burak Kalfa.

Burak Kalfa published a written statement on his Instagram page:

“The news about us is true. Our relationship with Tuğçe Tayfur has ended within the framework of respect. May her heart, heart and luck be open…”



Less than 24 hours after the separation, Tuğçe Tayfur and Burak Kalfa attended the wedding of a close friend of theirs. Tayfur shared photos of Cengiz Kurtoğlu on his Instagram page.

Don't want a girl... Engagement... Separation... Peace... Everything happened in 19 days


Tuğçe Tayfur also shared her engagement photos on her Instagram account, and it was noteworthy that Ferdi Tayfur was not present in the frames with family members.

Don't want a girl... Engagement... Separation... Peace... Everything happened in 19 days

Tuğçe Tayfur published a statement about Ferdi Tayfur’s absence from engagement:

“I get a lot of messages about my father. Let’s make a statement, so there are no questions in the head. As you know, my father lives in Marmaris. Unfortunately, it was not possible to travel for him at this time, so we went to him with Burak Bey. First of all, Burak Bey asked my father, so you understand. Last night We took the first step into marriage with the consent of both families. We would have loved to see our father with us, but let’s say the bride to the wedding.”