Did Gianni Infantino take a bribe?: Nusret also confused FIFA

Nusret’s show in the World Cup final confused FIFA as well. It is said that the FIFA President gave Nusret an accreditation card in exchange for a bribe. The British press questions FIFA rules.

The joy of Argentine footballers after the final match of the World Cup “partner”descending the field, Messichasing after smack the cup Angel Di MariaNusret, who shocked , also confused FIFA. How Nusret was allowed to be so intertwined with the actors raised questions. It was claimed that Nusret was friends with the FIFA President and entered the field with his torpedo.

Nusret Gökçe, who hosted world-famous names in his restaurant, hosted FIFA President Gianni Infantino in his restaurant in 2019. Messi also went to Nusret’s restaurant.

Gianni InfantinoIt is known that Nusret Gökçe, who also visited the restaurants of , was friends with the President of FIFA. In other words, it is said that this close bond provided the accreditation that enabled him to land on the field after the final.
Former President of Crystal Palace Simon JordanFIFA President Gianni Infantino gave the card that allowed Nusret to enter the field, allegedly. It was claimed that Infantino, who was accused of bribery many times before, took a bribe this time to provide this card to Nusret. While social media is awash with this claim, there are even those who claim that Nusret paid 100 thousand dollars for the card. British newspapers began to report on the value of Nusret’s Salt Bae chain.

made his reputation

Even though Nusret paid 100 thousand dollars for the card, according to some, the return of the World Cup show has already exceeded 500 thousand dollars. Nusret made his advertisement, adding fame to his reputation.
The British press also began to question the World Cup protocol. According to the rules on the official website, Nusret broke FIFA rules by spanking or even touching the trophy.
FIFA’s World Cup rule is as follows: “The current World Cup design dates back to 1974. As one of the world’s most recognizable sporting symbols and an invaluable icon, the original FIFA World Cup can only be touched and held by winners, former winners and heads of state.”
photosporeAccording to , even the accreditation card of the president of Argentina is not as complicated as Nusret’s. “The President of Argentina can enter the locker room. However, he cannot enter the press stands. He cannot enter the field unless he is invited. Likewise, Messi cannot be in the protocol stand unless he is invited or notified in advance.”
The British press also heavily criticized FIFA President Gianni Infantino. The Swiss Federal Prosecutor General’s Office launched an investigation into bribery and corruption allegations against FIFA President Gianni Infantino.