Dialogue with Syria should be established for reconciliation

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlumade statements regarding the agenda in a live broadcast program he participated in.

Referring to the relations with Sweden and Finland, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said, “We did not break our relationship with them, our objection to NATO membership. They did not fulfill the obligations of the tripartite agreement reached in Madrid. We want allies in substance, not in words. Countries that support terrorism cannot be allies in essence. We already have enough so-called allies in NATO. ” said.


“It is very clear what our President wants to say. We do not want bloodshed in Syria. It seems as if it was because of Turkey. There is no such thing. We have seen where the war has evolved. However, we have paid the most for this war. In order to eliminate terrorist organizations and threats against Turkey, “We are dealing with a lasting stability in Syria. The opposition and the regime need to agree. Syria’s territorial integrity is also against us. There is no such plan at the moment, but there may be contacts in the future. Turkey’s efforts regarding the political process are extremely sincere.”


“We have followed a principled policy from the very beginning. We did not break our balance policy. We made decisions that Russia did not like, but not as much as Europe. As Turkey, we support the territorial integrity of Ukraine. If we had followed the West, we could not have concluded the grain agreement. We see the bills of cutting relations with Russia. “It is inevitable that everyone will be affected. We see natural gas prices. However, Turkey does not suffer from natural gas shortages, other countries have this situation. We never participate in unilateral sanctions. There must be a viable ceasefire, a fair peace for Ukraine.”


“Armenia and Azerbaijan need to sign a peace. Armenia must end the provocations. We are in constant contact with the two countries. Azerbaijan offered the peace agreement, its only concern was to take back the occupied lands. We are sincere about peace and dialogue.”


“Greece is already pathetic. They have fallen into such a pitiful situation that they go to other countries and cry and beg. We can research, drill and trade. What’s wrong with you. He also gave an example of his hypocrisy on the subject of legitimacy. Turkey is the most important actor in Libya. Turkey has only one goal. there is the stability of Libya.”


“Greece is uncomfortable with Turkey’s being a global actor. They started to talk nonsense. Especially after everyone’s support of us in this process (Russia-Ukraine war), there is a serious indigestion in Greece. Anyone who rides a makeshift will fall quickly. Do not keep saying that the USA is behind me, the EU is behind me. Kalimera We say (Good morning). There is a strong Turkey in front of you. You are spewing hatred. The Turkish military has thrown you into the sea in history, you can’t digest it, you are hostile to Turks everywhere. We have to protect our country even if the world stands against us. Whoever it is.”